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    AuditionU streamlines admissions and allows Professors and their Music departments to recruit the right Students.

AuditionU connects High School Musicians with University Professors


Quickly find prospective students using our custom filters. Save any search to find new students as they join.


Students join AuditionU to find the perfect university to continue their music education. They create profiles to upload auditions to connect with you!


Collaborate with members of your university during the recruiting process.


Communicate with any student using AuditionU's messaging system.


  • View progress of your Saved Search Matches and Student’s you’ve Targeted
  • Get updates of your Targets’ recent activity including newly uploaded Auditions and new Messages
  • See how many new Messages are awaiting in your inbox
  • Watch featured Student Auditions

My Profile

  • Share personal and academic information about yourself
  • Easily change your Profile image to put a face to a name
  • Show students your University involvement
  • View your current active Subscription package

My University

  • View and edit attributes of your University
  • Add a logo and header image for the University Profile page for Students to see
  • Display university information such as Music Departments, Majors Offered, and available Scholarships
  • List Notable University Alumni and previously earned Accolades and Awards


  • Target Students that are viable recruits to keep an eye on them
  • Easily message all Targeted Students at once
  • Organize your Targeted Students by giving them a Rank
  • Sort Students you’ve Targeted by specific attributes like name, class and location


  • Give students a Rank in any order you see fit
  • Easily modify the Ranking list by dragging and dropping students in their proper order
  • Re-order your Targeted Students as many times as you need
  • Students will not see the Rank you’ve given them, it is for your personal reference


  • Compose and read Messages you share with Students
  • Easily view all bright blue unread messages
  • Message all Targets with one click
  • Sort messages by different Student attributes


  • Invite your fellow Colleagues to join the users on your account
  • Send a personalized message with your invites
  • View the status of your invite, or remove an invited colleagues to the list
  • Add as many Colleagues as your Subscription allows

Are you ready to search and recruit thousands of eager high school musicians and artists?

AuditionU Pricing

Students sign up free!

  • 1 - 4 Users
    $ 99 Monthly
    • $999/yearly Option
    • 1 - 4 Users
    • Access to all AuditionU Students and Features
  • Most Popular
    5 - 9 Users
    $ 199 Monthly
    • $1,999/yearly Option
    • 5 - 9 Users
    • Access to all AuditionU Students and Features
  • 10+ Users
    $ 299 Monthly
    • $2,999/yearly Option
    • 10+ Users
    • Access to all AuditionU Students and Features

Who is a User?

A User can be anyone you wish... Professor, Admissions, Administrative, Graduate Assistants, etc.  Each User has separate Profile, Searching, Messaging and other characteristics.  They all share the same University Profile.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Who is a User in the Pricing Plans?

A User can be anyone you want... Professor, Admissions, Administrative, Graduate Assistants, etc.  Each User has separate Profile, Searching, Messaging and other capabilities.  They all share the same University Profile.

How much will this cost?

The price is dependent on the subscription plan you choose:

  • 1 – 4 Users: $99/mo. or $999/yr.
  • 5 – 9 Users: $199/mo. or $1,999/yr.
  • 10+ Users: $299/mo. or $2,999/yr.
  • All Universities start with a FREE 30 day trial.
How many Students are with AuditionU?

The number of Students on AuditionU grows every day.  Thousands of Students have signed up since we launched in 2013.  Each year we attract new Students who replenish our database subsequent to losing those Students who eventually graduate.

Which Universities are listed with AuditionU?

We include more than 1,300 Universities with music programs.  If you don’t see your University listed, please let us know and we’ll make sure your University is represented.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions:

  • Telephone (312) 244-3711 to talk with Dominic Hartigan in order to get the most thorough answers to your questions.
  • Watch the Demo videos, located atop of each section webpage, that explain each section.
  • Use the instant conversation feature located in the bottom right of each page.
  • Send us an email at Contact@AuditionU.com with your questions.